Moonlighting in the Virtual Economy

Moon River by Beth Hoeckel

All societies end up wearing masks.

Jean Baudrillard.

We all know someone who has immersed themselves into virtual digital worlds.

The kids playing Fortnite or The Elder Scrolls into the night.

The executive addicted to her emails and social media.

The roadrunner totally immersed in their podcast.

Over the last…

Frances McDormand, starring in Nomadland (2020) Photo Credit: Searchlight Pictures

Anywheres vs Somewheres and The New Geography of Work

The location of work has changed for half the workforce. When the world opens up again many will join the Digital Nomads because they can work anywhere. Others will need to stay local. This will have big implications for employers, and city economies too.

Anywheres Vs Somewheres

Any discussion on the future of…

Blockchain and the Decentralised Workforce

This article is an excerpt from the original article “Blockchain and the Decentralised Workforce” on Workforce Futurist Newsletter.

The Tectonic Plates of Work are Shifting

We are at the intersection of some mega-trends that have been moving slowly but are coming to a crunch. These include:

The Decentralised Workforce — more ways to earn and learn using…

What NFTs can tell us about the future of work…

A Piece of Something by Olive Allen

This article is an excerpt from the original article “NFTs and the Tokenization of Work” from the Workforce Futurist Newsletter.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Token Holder

Christie’s became the first major auction house to offer a standalone NFT (Non-Fungible Token) work of art.

The vast, pixelated work called “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” is by an…

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