Hi Michael and thanks for dropping by into the world of work and HR! Well blockchain technology will certainly help with things like verifying our identity, allowing us to manage and share our digital resume/CV and qualifications. We will see better digital work platforms, with much less need for the intermediaries. And already there are pilots to pay contractors almost immediately with big advantages to employers and workers. We will see these things happen in the next few years. The really interesting stuff then comes in around what makes great teams? We can use much broader data sets (values, personality, history, who knows what) AI picking out patterns & behavioural science with it’s hypothesis testing to really work out what makes a great team in our organisation. And THEN we might start asking what is an organisation for anyway, if we have the autonomous sourcing of teams? But lets not run away with ourselves — there’s a lot of work to do yet!


Passionate about making work better. Writes Workforce Futurist Newsletter.

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