The Twelve ‘Workforce Trends’ of Christmas

Andrew Spence
3 min readDec 22, 2022

With festive commentary, predictions🔮 and top tips🎁 that you can singalong to 🎅

Welcome to an excerpt of the special Christmas🎄 Edition of Workforce Futurist Newsletter!

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🎶 “On the 12th Day of Christmas 🎄 my true love sent to me…”🎶

Twelve Tweeters Tweeting

TWEELON MUSK — by Beeple

Traditionally a rich man seeking more influence, and free advertising, will buy a newspaper.

In 2022, the richest man in the world, Elon Musk, bought Twitter.

The micro-publishing site gets more eyeballs than the New York Times, The Times of India and the London Times combined.

The acquisition went fairly smoothly for this modern pantomime villain.

Make an offer, slate the company to get the price down, and, sack half the employees by DM.

But the big question is, what happens next for Twitter?

Outlandish Prediction 🔮

Twitter taps into at least two big trends I write about on Workforce Futurist :– the desire of millions to make a living as creators, and using tokens as incentives.

Verification, paid subscriptions, tokenisation will make the platform better for publishers of all sizes. Less reliance on adverts will help usability too.

If Musk succeeds, Twitter profitability massively increases. He takes his profits and then returns a share of Twitter to its token holders and users. Over time there is a reduced need for corporate advertising, and protocols on free-speech are ironed out.

By making Twitter a user-governed Public Good in the next five years, this contribution to Earth will dwarf his tinny rockets and eCars.

In this scenario Musk moves from pantomime villain to saviour of the world….ho ho ho!

🎶 “On the 11th Day of Christmas 🎄 my true love sent to me…”🎶

Eleven Strikers Striking

Nurses demanding better pay, UK — Source RCN

When inflation rears it’s ugly head, workers demand higher wages as it gets more expensive to live.

👍 Good news — wages increase of 10%

👎 Bad news — cost of living is 15% so you are 5% worse off than before.

Workers demand higher pay, employers don’t want to pay it.

This story is as old and cyclical as Christmas itself.

In December in the UK, there will be strike action for every day of the advent calendar.

From Coffinmakers in Glasgow to Criminal Barristers in London and Weather Forecasters. As well as Nurses, Train Drivers, Teachers, Call Handlers, Paramedics, and Bus Drivers.

There has been more industrial conflict than at any time over the past five years. The trade unions are earning their subs at the moment for those with jobs. And also finding a role in helping independent workers such as Uber drivers negotiate better terms.

🎶 “On the 10th Day of Christmas 🎄 my true love sent to me…”🎶

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