Top Workforce Futurist Articles from 2022

Andrew Spence
2 min readJan 5, 2023
The House of The Future: Charles Schridde (1961)

Here are the most read Workforce Futurist Newsletter Articles from 2022

#1 — Why The Four-Day Week Is Not The Answer — a look back at the origin of this idea (Spoiler :- the six-day week factories). Really it was a call for smarter holistic work design, moving on from industrial-thinking and a caution about universal blanket solutions.

#2 — Quaint Quitting and the WFH Divide — remember when people just did their job and erm didn’t quit? With inflation coursing around the veins of the economy, workforce lay-offs and strikes, we will laugh at the concept of Quiet Quitting in 2023. Plus some graphs and evidence on WFH and suggestions for employers.

Graph from Professor Nick Bloom

#3 Building a Better World Without Jobs — What a brief history of work tells us about the prospects for a life of leisure. In a post-industrial world with a decentralised workforce, formal jobs aren’t going to be the solution for many societies. We need to deconstruct the good things that jobs have given us and rebuild new structures. Watch this space!

#4 Why You Don’t Understand Web3

There are many ill-defined and understood terms knocking about. But don’t worry if you don’t understand Web3 — you don’t understand economics or sociology either! For example to understand Web3 in Work Technology, it helps to understand how Work Technology operates, how it treats user data, who controls the data, who are the intermediaries, how might user-owned platforms function.

#5 The Golden Age of Digital Technology — What the five technology surges in the last 250 years tell us about the future, how Web3 fits into this account, and what this might mean for work. My mini-obsession with the work of Professor Carlota Perez. The last paragraph is the important one.

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